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Bad Credit Mortgages

Obtaining a mortgage can sometimes prove to be quite an arduous task for some people; in fact, research shows that 1 in 4 people in the UK have experienced trouble getting a mortgage. The primary reason for this may be your name being on a credit blacklist. A poor credit rating or credit history can result in a traditional mortgage application being rejected. An adverse credit mortgage is one that is tailored to suit the requirements of those who suffer from less than perfect credit ratings.

Reasons for being refused on traditional mortgage applications

Although the main reason for being refused a mortgage is often because the applicant has a poor credit history, there are a number of other factors taken into account that could adversely affect a mortgage application.

• If you have been self-employed for only a short period and thus don't have three years worth of accounts to show, you may experience difficulty with mortgage applications.
• County court judgments (CCJ’s) made against you in the past can also affect mortgage applications.
• Periods of redundancy can result in finances being stretched. This can lead to reduced loan repayments, which then appear as defaults on your credit report.

The Solution

The Australians were the first to implement the notion of flexible mortgages, but it is the American financial institutions that were instrumental in exporting to the UK a new, manageable solution that helped those with a less than perfect credit history obtain the mortgage that they required.

Adverse status lending has been common in the UK now for a number of years; lenders who do business with those with a poor credit history or credit rating integrated, allowing mortgages to be obtained by everyone. Types of adverse credit mortgages that are commonly advertised include non-standard, sub-prime, non-conforming or impaired credit mortgages.

Research has shown that a large proportion of the population has experienced difficulty when shopping for a mortgage, due to the baggage of a poor credit history. There are however, certain mortgage lenders who are sympathetic to the plight experienced by these people, allowing everyone the chance to find the affordable mortgage that they require.


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