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Mortgages for the Self-Employed

Running your own business can be a profitable exercise, but also a risky one. A good business idea that is integrated sensibly into a gap in the market can make a lot of money, but periods of financial prominence can just as quickly be replaced by periods of poor revenue. It is this unpredictable nature of small businesses that can lead to the self-employed experiencing difficulties when applying for a mortgage of any kind.

Should a person be self-employed, they might well be financially sound and easily able to keep up mortgage payments, but sometimes mortgage lenders require a little more to convince them to accept a mortgage application. Mortgage lenders usually require 3 years worth of accounts from a certified accountant before they consider issuing a mortgage to a self-employed individual, and this is sometimes just the beginning.

To aid those self-employed individuals who often experience difficulty with mortgage applications, there are a number of lenders who specialise in this particular area, allowing the self-employed the right to the affordable mortgage that they require. These specialist lenders issue mortgages that present you with a more flexible way to pay your mortgage when you are self-employed; they understand the unpredictable nature of running a small business (by recognising that there are periods of both high and low revenue), and try to reflect this in their mortgage deals.

Self-certification mortgages are available meaning that the application process avoids the usual detailed procedural of proving your business earnings via audited accounts or employers references. The deposit required for self-certification mortgages is generally in the region of 10%. If an applicant is able to provide a deposit of a higher percentage than the lender’s asking amount, they may qualify for better interest rates on the subsequent repayments. Self cert mortgage schemes are generally available whether you are employed or self-employed and are also available as mortgages or re-mortgages. Some lenders may also consider applicants with a poor credit history or credit rating, allowing everyone the chance to obtain the affordable mortgage that they require.


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